Gooseberry Prayer Patch

Monday, February 12, 2007

"The Sock" Saga

"The Sock" saga continues! LOL Okay. So here is the latest on "The Sock". After breaking the sz 1 bamboodpn, I scrounged five metal sz 2 dpns. The gauge was so different and for somereason there were 'holes' but no dropped stitches. Then I realized there werefour sz 2 and one sz 3 need in the mix. ARGH! I just sat staring at "The Sock"and wondering what on earth to do to fix it. So...I tore out the entire thing. "The Sock" was a curling, twisted pile of yarn. And actually, I felt prettygood inside after tearing out "The Sock". I went to Walmart and purchased apackage of metal, sz 2 dpns, came home and cast on four needles, twistedstitches all around. Tore it out. Cast on...same thing. DUH! Molly! Cast onto three needles!! It worked and I was off!! Moved to the cuff, then on to the actual pattern. While watching the Colts win last night I got four inches on "The New Sock" worked on and it looks good! WooHoo! I figure at this rate I MAY actually finish by next weekend! HAHA! It seems so much easier this time, like I'm not fighting every stitch. And mybrain keeps recalling all the helpful advice on the heal turn and gusset. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! AHAHAH! HAHAHA!! hehehehehehe! heheh... So, Just about one more turn in the pattern and I can start the heel turn!

And an update: The sock is finished!! After reducing "The Sock" into a pile of Ramen noodle-like yarn, it only took about one week to finish "The New Sock" Go figure! I just need to graft the toe together and it is completely finished! AHAHHAHH!! (maniacle laughter and much wooping around!) It turned out so nice. Nancy and I are going to get together in a couple weeks and visit a spinning shop together and I get to play with fibre critters. I can't wait!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Feet to Prayers box arrived!

My box from Kimberly arrived today. It was filled all kinds of wonderful gifts! A matching mug, note cards, pen/paper set, lavendar candle, chocolate, yarn that she spun & dyed herself, fall motif sticky notes and tablet, and the most beautiful sock!! The pattern is one she designed herself. It's called "Molly Pitcher Lacey Socks". (You'll have to look up Molly Pitcher AKA Mary Hays McCauly. A very interesting piece of little known history.) It was such a wonderful gift box!! Thank you so much, Kimberly! I think I have a new favorite coffee mug!!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Today seems a bit dreary. Gray and windy. Not too cold; jacket weather. I feel ready for winter this year and we really haven't had a nice long stretch of cold. Where is the snow? I miss snow, snowball fights, snow angels, sledding, snowmen, hot cocoa with marshmallows on top. Snuggling under warm blankies.

There are a lot of things going on right now. Just a few:

1) Cooking at church is a blast! I am having so much fun! I love the people who help me cook and then help clean afterward. What a super group of people! This has been a fantabulous opportunity to meet other people at church, find out a little bit about them as I serve them their dinner. I hope they ask me to cook again next year!

2) My dad and mom finally sold their house and bought an RV. They planned on doing some traveling while they still could, but mom's health is really deteriorating and she is fast becoming an invalid. A visit to the CTCA doctor confirmed that her cancer is back. They caught it early and she started chemo this past Monday. She will do chemo for one, then off two weeks, on one week. etc. So far it is only causing her to be very sleepy, but no nausea so far. That's what she was worried the most about: the nausea. Dad has decided it will be more economical for them to just stay at the hospital during her treatments and when they do leave only be about a days drive away. That limits how far they can go. He just needs to feel God's support. He has taken care of mom, the house, everything for the past six years. He's old! And he's tired.

3) A very good friend from Ed's Marine Corps days called and told me her cancer is back and has metastasized onto her spine. The doctors said it's incurable (and inoperable). Her husband is in Iraq and they are trying to get him home to be with her. She made it sound like she didn't have long to live or that the doctors gave her much hope. She is my age (40-ish). I'm praying she finds a doctor who isn't going to give up on and will work to heal her.

4) Ed got a COLR (cost of living raise). We are thankful for that. They aren't every very much, but like I tell him, it's better than nothing. I am trying to get our finances in order and both of us on a budget so we don't struggle this summer when I'm not cooking at church. Ed may have to get a second job to make ends meet.

5) I'm trying to be a better wife, mom, housewife, I'm not the greatest cleaner-upp, but I'm trying. I am also trying so hard to be that Provers 31 woman. She sounds so perfect, which I know is not attainable for anyone here on earth, but surely she had some bad days!

6) I want to start my own at-home business, but not anything I have to sell at home shows. Been there, done that, hated it. There are a couple ideas God has given me, I just don't know where to go to take the step of making them happen. I have two jewelry ideas, one on-line business (need a digital camera that will run with our ancient computer), mural painting in chruches, preschools/daycares. So there are several options, I just don't know how to take the next step. What is the next step? How do I find the next step?

So that's what is going on with me. Boring, huh? I think I want to learn how to bellydance.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy 2007!

Well, God has given me a new year! I am not one to make new year resolutions because I tend to make them to grandiose and I can't attain them. However, this year I did decide a few things:
* pray more
* spend more time getting to know God
* learning what God's plan for me is
* have friends over for dinner more often
* calling friends so I don't lose track of them

I really want to be on the same page as God; to know what He has planned for me. Can you imagine how exciting 2007 could be if I would keep my focus on God instead of what's going on down here? The things down here would naturally fall into place and wouldn't have to take up my God focus.

That's not to say I don't have some health goals. In the fall I changed my eating habits. With the holidays I did eat some of my favorites, but with the new year it is time to eat the way God wants me to. Not too difficult...for me, that is. My husband doesn't really like it, but I do try to accomodate his tastes.

I wish you all a God-focused 2007! Remember: John 3:30 "He must increase, but I must decrease."

Friday, December 01, 2006

Happy December!!

It's hard to believe it is December already! It seems like yesterday that I was lamenting it was "July already". This is the month we celebrate the birth of Jesus, my Savior. This year I want to keep it all in perspective and not lose site of the reason we have Christmas.

I have received so many wonderful emails and letters from soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm part of an organization called Soldier's Angels and have adopted three Army soldiers, one sailor, and one Marine. It has been so wonderful knowing that I can make a difference to a soldier who needs some love and support with letters and care packages. I wish I could do more! But I can't. That's why I hope others will join and adopt. It doesn't cost a lot but it means a lot to these soldiers, some of whom don't have someone at home to write to them. Check it out at

The sock is coming along nicely! It has been so fun knitting for my Feet to Prayer partner and praying for her. I hope she can wear these socks. When this is done I may knit myself a pair. I've only knit one pair before, but nothing like this pattern. It's bubbly! My next project for myself is scarf knit from handspun yarns my kids spindle spun. I'm excited about this project! I can wear something my kids made.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Feet To Prayers update

Okay, I'm not a sock knitter. I have the beautiful yarn and the little toothpick-sized dps. I have started and ripped out about eight times already and will be doing it again today. The stitches went on just fine and after eight tries I finally knit & purled one row. YAY! But I "yayed" too soon. After really looking at it my stitches twisted and I can't figure out how to untwist. So, off they'll come! It's okay though. It helped me remember what the next step was, so once the twist is gone I'll be off running .

Monday, October 09, 2006

Adopt a Soldier

Well, Autumn is finally here! My favorite season. It's time to put the garden to bed until next year. Most everything done producing; an occasional tomatoe ripens, the brussels sprouts are about the size of a marble, but it's time. Can't keep the garden going all winter!

I've been busy cooking at church on Wednesdays. I just love the ladies and guys who come in and help cook, serve, and clean. Such a fun group!! It has been so...FUN!

Did you know you can adopt a soldier? There is an organization called Soldier's Angels. You can sign up to support one soldier (or however many you feel you can financially afford) by sending letters and an occasional care package. You aren't making a political statement. Wouldn't you want to know that your son/daughter/husband/wife was receiving support from a total stranger? A pick me up for doing what they want to do: serve their country? Check out the website at I have adopted four, one unofficial, and write LOTS of letters. The soldiers say they covet letters the most. To hear their name called at mail call is like winning the lottery. And it's just a .39 lottery, the cost of a postage stamp! So check them out!

Well, that's about all! You all have a blessed Autumn season! Enjoy the explosion of colors!!!