Gooseberry Prayer Patch

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Garden Wrestling

It's not pretty, but it's a garden! I managed to plant everything too close to each other. Has it been so long since my last garden that I could forget veggies need space?

The white Pattypans have overtaken three rows of sweet corn. They (the squash) look fantabulous, but the corn underneath, well, let's just say they may as well not be there. One row of corn has managed to sprout; the one at the edge of the Pattypans. The Mr. Stripey tomatoe at the end of the Pattypan hills is looking...spindley at best. But Mr. Stripey is setting fruit!

I didn't have cages for any of the tomatoes. And I did forget that inderterminate is synonimous with rambling all over everything in it's path. I have them staked, but they're growing faster than I can tie the branches up! The row markers are gone (probably lost under the tangle of tomatoes) so I can't remember what is where. There are some Beefy Boys, a few pastes, one pink (something 'et the other), one white, and one Mr. Stripey. I think there is an orange tomatoe in there somewhere.

The okras are about 18" tall and are already setting fruit. That's exciting. There's Red Velvet okra, Emerald okra, and maybe a Cherokee Long Pod okra, but I don't think those made it. There might be one or two somewhere in the tomatoe tangle.

Then I planted an heirloom been called Fat Brown Goose. It is a vining bean and right now has a half-nelson on a couple Beefy Boys tomatoes.

While standing at the garden fence I finally threw my hands in the air and said to the veggies, "I'm gonna leave ya'll alone and you can fight it out! You are all simply too unruly!" So, we'll see what comes out of that garden wrestling match!