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Sunday, August 13, 2006

End of the Garden...for now

It has been a good year for tomatoes. The poor, sprawling tomatoes were all over each other, but they managed to put up some gorgeous fruits! The patty pan squash took over the west end of the garden, choking out a tomatoe plant and three rows of corn. They didn't put up much fruit so they won't be in the garden next year. The corn that did manage to grow was laid flat during a heavy wind storm. Can you stake corn? :oP No more watermelon in the garden. The farmer's market is close enough and the melons are a great price. The brussel sprouts are still going. No sprouts yet, but we'll see. At the east end of the garden, the Fat Brown Goose beans have a permanent choke-hold on the Big Beefy tomatoe plants and don't show any signs of ever letting go! These are heirloom beans, and while there aren't enough to actually eat, I will try to save them for an heirloom seed company. Maybe they can grow more than I was able. The seeds were several years old so it was a surprise any of them came up. The okra did wonderful. Again, I didn't harvest a lot so the pods have become woody. Those seed will be saved as well.


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