Gooseberry Prayer Patch

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Feet To Prayers update

Okay, I'm not a sock knitter. I have the beautiful yarn and the little toothpick-sized dps. I have started and ripped out about eight times already and will be doing it again today. The stitches went on just fine and after eight tries I finally knit & purled one row. YAY! But I "yayed" too soon. After really looking at it my stitches twisted and I can't figure out how to untwist. So, off they'll come! It's okay though. It helped me remember what the next step was, so once the twist is gone I'll be off running .

Monday, October 09, 2006

Adopt a Soldier

Well, Autumn is finally here! My favorite season. It's time to put the garden to bed until next year. Most everything done producing; an occasional tomatoe ripens, the brussels sprouts are about the size of a marble, but it's time. Can't keep the garden going all winter!

I've been busy cooking at church on Wednesdays. I just love the ladies and guys who come in and help cook, serve, and clean. Such a fun group!! It has been so...FUN!

Did you know you can adopt a soldier? There is an organization called Soldier's Angels. You can sign up to support one soldier (or however many you feel you can financially afford) by sending letters and an occasional care package. You aren't making a political statement. Wouldn't you want to know that your son/daughter/husband/wife was receiving support from a total stranger? A pick me up for doing what they want to do: serve their country? Check out the website at I have adopted four, one unofficial, and write LOTS of letters. The soldiers say they covet letters the most. To hear their name called at mail call is like winning the lottery. And it's just a .39 lottery, the cost of a postage stamp! So check them out!

Well, that's about all! You all have a blessed Autumn season! Enjoy the explosion of colors!!!