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Friday, December 01, 2006

Happy December!!

It's hard to believe it is December already! It seems like yesterday that I was lamenting it was "July already". This is the month we celebrate the birth of Jesus, my Savior. This year I want to keep it all in perspective and not lose site of the reason we have Christmas.

I have received so many wonderful emails and letters from soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm part of an organization called Soldier's Angels and have adopted three Army soldiers, one sailor, and one Marine. It has been so wonderful knowing that I can make a difference to a soldier who needs some love and support with letters and care packages. I wish I could do more! But I can't. That's why I hope others will join and adopt. It doesn't cost a lot but it means a lot to these soldiers, some of whom don't have someone at home to write to them. Check it out at

The sock is coming along nicely! It has been so fun knitting for my Feet to Prayer partner and praying for her. I hope she can wear these socks. When this is done I may knit myself a pair. I've only knit one pair before, but nothing like this pattern. It's bubbly! My next project for myself is scarf knit from handspun yarns my kids spindle spun. I'm excited about this project! I can wear something my kids made.


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