Gooseberry Prayer Patch

Monday, February 12, 2007

"The Sock" Saga

"The Sock" saga continues! LOL Okay. So here is the latest on "The Sock". After breaking the sz 1 bamboodpn, I scrounged five metal sz 2 dpns. The gauge was so different and for somereason there were 'holes' but no dropped stitches. Then I realized there werefour sz 2 and one sz 3 need in the mix. ARGH! I just sat staring at "The Sock"and wondering what on earth to do to fix it. So...I tore out the entire thing. "The Sock" was a curling, twisted pile of yarn. And actually, I felt prettygood inside after tearing out "The Sock". I went to Walmart and purchased apackage of metal, sz 2 dpns, came home and cast on four needles, twistedstitches all around. Tore it out. Cast on...same thing. DUH! Molly! Cast onto three needles!! It worked and I was off!! Moved to the cuff, then on to the actual pattern. While watching the Colts win last night I got four inches on "The New Sock" worked on and it looks good! WooHoo! I figure at this rate I MAY actually finish by next weekend! HAHA! It seems so much easier this time, like I'm not fighting every stitch. And mybrain keeps recalling all the helpful advice on the heal turn and gusset. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! AHAHAH! HAHAHA!! hehehehehehe! heheh... So, Just about one more turn in the pattern and I can start the heel turn!

And an update: The sock is finished!! After reducing "The Sock" into a pile of Ramen noodle-like yarn, it only took about one week to finish "The New Sock" Go figure! I just need to graft the toe together and it is completely finished! AHAHHAHH!! (maniacle laughter and much wooping around!) It turned out so nice. Nancy and I are going to get together in a couple weeks and visit a spinning shop together and I get to play with fibre critters. I can't wait!!